Nov 10, 2008

Ann Taylor Picks

Once in a while SG will stop by Ann Taylor to find basic pieces. How savvy to find these at 30% off. All these pieces are full price with 30% off at the check out. 1. Sequin stripe top $59 (glam casual chic)
2. Strapless sequin dress $189 (I like a bit of sequin on the dress, just right touch of little jazz!)
3. Chiffon sequin scarf $59 (SG's name is on it!)
4. Sequin front dress $199


  1. I love that sequin strip shirt. I don't even like sequins, but there's something about that shirt!

  2. I'm down with Ann Taylor and the Loft too!!

  3. I actually just popped into Ann Taylor today, and I was telling my friend that I never shop there.

    I love The Loft, and Banana, but it usually fells a bit more mature for my taste.

    But these items are cute.

  4. AT surprises me once in a while. i don't usually shop there but a piece here and there. i really like AT jersey cami for layering.

  5. big yes to the silver sequin dress. More bling the better!


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