Nov 1, 2008

Where can I buy a Chanel Mademoiselle bag?

Dear Savvy Mode,

I would like to buy mademoiselle bag (simple leather tote bag) and i prefer beige colour. I live in Indonesia. Where i can get it??

Dear S,

I am not sure which Mademoiselle tote you are referring. There is a Mademoiselle collection from a couple of years ago and a Fall/Winter 2008 tote in beige or black by the name of Jewel Mademoiselle chain tote.

tote on left is the older Mademoiselle tote
tote right is current season tote (click here to see beige version)

I don’t know where you can buy the older version if that is the one you are looking for, perhaps EBAY from a reputable reseller or a consignment store locally in Indonesia. If you are looking for the current season then you should be able to find one in a Chanel boutique in Jakarta, Indonesia. Good luck with your hunt for the beige tote. Let us know if you are successful. Have a wonderful weekend.

Best Regards,
Savvy Mode SG


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