Oct 7, 2008

Romantic Ruffle Dresses

SG adores Valentino tier silk ruffle dress in the previous post but it’s not an easy piece to wear. That white dress requires very special events and a stick thin figure so a gal does not look horizontally challenged. For easier stylish look, SG recommends romantic ruffles in moderation. These ruffle dresses are dressy enough for special events but still perfect for a nice dinner out (or even luncheon) with that special someone or a night out with gal pals.

1. Rebecca Taylor $345 (Definitely easier to wear comparing to Valentino and easier on the wallet)
2. Marc by Marc Jacob $348 (SG's pick, if I have to pick one)

3. Robert Rodriguez sale $189
4. Philip Lim 3.1 $525

5. Alexander Wang $625
6. Vera Wang $417 (SG adores too!)

Are you a ruffle gal and do you have a favorite ruffle dress?

image: Barneys, Nordstrom, Bluefly, Eluxury


  1. oh, i'm dying to have something like no. 2. ^^

  2. I love the Vera Wang dress! Not to mention the Robert Rodriguez dress...HOTTT!

  3. NUMBER 4!! Yes please!

  4. I like No. 6 Vera Wang please.

  5. i am most def. a ruffle girl. i just love them!

  6. I love ruffles, but I don't own any. I'm not quite that girly.

    These are great picks! I love the yellow.


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