Oct 21, 2008

Color Trend: Got Cream?

Along with the usual black, brown and grey I am also seeing cream in recently months. My Chanel SA informed me white was the new black last winter. This winter, I am guessing cream is the new black. Personally, I think a light cream coat just adds such refreshing stylish contrast to darker more somber black, brown and grey pieces of chilly winter days.
SG noticed this cream color ruffle coat walking by Roberto Cavalli, but I didn't want to spend so much on a trendy ruffle coat.
I found this Nanette Lepore cream ruffle coat which looked very similar to the Cavalli but the price sounded so much savvier at $545. The fit is divine! (Definitely SG's pick!)
left, cashmere long cardigan by Neiman Marcus $395
right, cream belted cape by Neiman Marcus $495 (good in theory but not for me)

left, Burberry cream wool trench $995 (SG's pick for classic trench)
right, Lisli long cream cardigan coat $458

What about you gals, is cream savvy for you this winter?

image: saks, neiman marcus, nordstrom


  1. Roberto Cavalli's coat is simply gorgeous.

  2. I do too. Last year I got one in Massimo Dutti but I washed it unproperly so it was really damaged. Finally I found another one same cream color for this winter. I love it!

  3. I am a coat whore. I have about 20. One of my favorites is my cream one, and everytime I see one in the store, I want it.

  4. I'm definitely in the market for a cream coat right now, and the Nanette Lapore you got is just gorgeous!

  5. The cream cape is beautiful! I wish I could pull off this look but it's too tough in the city and I admire anyone brave enough to do so!!

  6. I usually just buy black coats but your pick is very pretty.

  7. Cream is always savvy for me. I love it. That Cavalli coat is wonderful and sumptuous-looking. I would be worried about getting it dirty, though!

  8. I have always loved a cream colored coat for winter.....so very chic and always in style!


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