Sep 15, 2008

What to Wear to Meet the Family for the First Time

What should a gal wear to meet the guy’s family, especially the mother? The answer is put the shoe on the other foot. What will a gal expect a brother’s girlfriend to be like on the first meeting? Then you should act and dress accordingly to those expectations. According to SG’s survey, these are almost the universal rules:
1. Do not wear expansive logo bags or shoes or clothing so a gal won’t project a materialistic image.
2. But, wear nice classical pieces to show a gal has great taste and class. SG’s personal picks will be Tod’s shoes and bags.
3. Dress more like Audrey Hepburn than Betty Boops.
4.Be friendly but listen rather than talking to learn and information gather.
5. Dress event appropriate. If the event is a BBQ party, don’t wear a cocktail dress. Instead a nice top and tailor jeans will suffice.
6. Bring a nice hostess gift if going to someone’s home to show a gal’s considerate side.
7. Lastly, be yourself and have fun!

So, what are other tips for meeting the family for the first time and what is your personal experience?



  1. I think I've always subconsciously wondered what to wear when meeting family for the first time.

    You know, I'm not really sure. I think you pretty much nailed it.

    I have to laugh when girls meeting parents for the first time and they're wearing their clubbing outfits.

  2. Very nice list! Juicy Couture across ones back side is a definite no!
    Hope it went well!

  3. oh i met his family already but it was such an issue with gal pals. everyone picked through my closet trying to find the outfit.

  4. It's been a long time since I was in this position but I believe all the advice you offer here is very good :)

  5. OMG, I am just thinking what to wear to meet the family and you post this. Thanks!

  6. I wore a pair of J Brand dark brown skinny jeans and a turquoise cotton top with a bit of embroidery and sequins around the neckline.

    Don't know whether it was appropriate or not, but hey ... it worked! ^_^

    Then again, his mother had passed away and I just had to meet his sister, cousin and cousin's wife, who were all pretty much mellow people.

  7. thanks for your feedback on my blog.
    hope you will continue to check in for more updates.

    great tips by the way. i love your blog! winter formal is coming up in december (which seems far away) and i will definitely have to meet his parents then, if not sooner.

  8. I have a couple of ideas:

    1. Ask others about themselves. That will get them going, and eliminate uncomfortable silences.

    2. Don't drink too much. Nobody loves a drunk girl.

    3. Help clean up in the kitchen. Don't just offer, DO it.

  9. the best advice i can give is dress clean. i'd never feel comfortable meeting family (or bf's family) with unwashed hair or wearing dirty jeans.
    oh, and smile, even if you hate them. they might surprise you in a good way.

  10. Love the Audrey pic. And I'm currently lusting after a pair of Tod's chic and classy :)

    As for future polite and try to relax!

  11. Hi there-I think you covered it well, hope the meeting was just as good!

  12. helpful tips indeed..

    my 2 cents.

    Listen and really listen. pick up some clues and ask questions. AND listen. It's really hard but once get used to it.. it really pays off.

  13. no cleavage and no short skirts and you should be good!

  14. I have lots of tattoos, so I'm banking on a bunch of outfits that hide them. They Know I have a bunch of ink (not a fan of I guess) So Im planning on surprizing them with how little they will see it.


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