Sep 9, 2008

Gucci Crystal GG Evening Clutch

A polite gal shouldn’t say anything unless she has something nice to say. Besides the heart shape closure which is sort of sweet, I will only say Gucci has great fabric technology. This savvy gal has grown out of her logo phase so Crystal CC collection from Gucci won’t make her heart flutter with eagerness. However, I am duly impressed by the new canvas textile. Instead of a shiny coating sitting just on top of the canvas, plastic shiny latex coating is actually part of the canvas making any handbag with this material almost indestructible from liquid and dirt. Actually besides the logo prints, it will be a savvy material for mommy with juice and snacks in her bag.

I find this small shiny logo clutch more tolerable than big totes of the same collection. The back side of the cutch with ruche detail is rather savvy. Available at Gucci boutiques, this clutch with gold chain measuring 8.7” x 5.1” retails for a tolerable price of $585. Is the fabric or clutch savvy or not so much?

image: gucci


  1. i agree with u :) the fabric in this collection is indeed better than the original ones :)

  2. i tend to agree with you since i'm definitely over my logo phase, but i must say, i've always made an exception when it comes to gucci, especially in their vintage patterns. though this is new, it has that same kind of appeal.

  3. Not big on logos but I must admit this is rather adorable!!


  4. Very cute. But for $585, this mommy needs something more substantial than a clutch. Unless this clutch comes with a Nanny? :-)


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