Sep 25, 2008

F/W 08 Color: Shades of Yellow

Recently SG has been seeing yellow from bright yellow to dull mustard yellow at various windows. In general, I adore rich bright yellow because such hue reminds me of the sun. However, I am on the fence about mustard yellow even if this hue is in keeping with the season. There are many shades of yellow; a gal has to be careful in picking the right yellow to suit her skin tone and coloring. Yellow is a tricky color, the right shade of yellow can give a gal’s outfit a pop of color, but the wrong shade can make a gal look sickly and dull. 1. Forever Audrey Coat $78 (This is definitely the wrong shade of mustard)
2. Tory Burch Mustard Yellow Dress $495 (This dress looks better in the boutique but not my color)
3. 291 Zip Front Bright Yellow Hoodie $180
4. YSL Yellow Bubble Dress $1550
5. Bernard Zin Yellow Riding Jacket $795 (SG's pick)
6. Neiman Marcus Crop Jacket $180
7. Tory Burch $495

SG thinks it is very savvy to top a dark color outfit (black or grey) with a splash of yellow, such as a jacket.
For those gal not wanting to wear all yellow, accessories such as shoes, bag or scarf is a great way to update a gal's wardrobe.

-Bag: Fendi Baguette $995
-Shoes: Tod's on sale at for $230
-Scarf with yellow accent from La Coste
I am just itching to give this mustard yellow La Coste sweater dress a chance. Will you be wearing shades of yellow this fall?

image: nordstrom, neiman marcus, eluxury


  1. I love love yellow! It's my favorite color, I love #'s 1,2 and 6.
    Great post.


  2. YELLOW!
    I've always loved yellow in clothing
    Love (most) of the pieces
    and esp. the Lacoste sweater

  3. Those yellow Tod's flats are in my sights....

  4. love the mustard-like yellow )

  5. Ah yes, I like mustard kind of yellow as well! Brilliant picks btw :)

  6. I might incorporate in my accessories. with my yellow skin I tend to add slightly darker hue.. as in mustard instead of bright yellow.. they are lovely though.

  7. i'm all about yellow when it comes to deeper, more golden tones for fall. nice picks!

  8. Why, I don't think the Forever Audrey Coat's shade of mustard is that bad!
    I love the Tory Burch dress though. Yellow is a great colour.

  9. I'm a YELLOW girl! In fact, thanks for posting the YSL bubble dress pic (#4). I have a dress exactly like it, but in shantung silk so the yellow is muted. Will try to wear it like that--black tights and platforms. Thanks for the style inspiration!

  10. i need to own more yellow!

  11. i do adore yellow but i generally avoid wearing all yellow. instead using one yellow piece to pop my outfit. i have a favorite la coste cotton dress which is a children size 12 which i pair of legging and a pair of orange yellow tods flats.

  12. some years ago i had an obsession for yellow. i don't know what happened. lol
    but i do like hints of yellow in an outfit. it's so fresh! :)

  13. i can't do yellow for clothing but I def. like it for accessories.

  14. I am SO in love with the yellow with gray color combo for Fall! I'm going to try and incorporate this into my wardrobe.

  15. I don't dare wear yellow, but I like it on others. I hope you'll try that sweaterdress . . . .

  16. Oh, I'm in love with yellow, you're right the right shadow must be chosen, but sometimes it's not easy. Well as you saw I wear a mustard blouse today ;)


  17. #1 is so yucky, that I think its cute (if that makes any sense). I have a yellow raincoat that I love, but I never really get a chance to wear it. Okay, one time I wore it and it was barely cloudy. I ended up getting a lot of confused stares.

  18. I'm in love with YELLOW and Mustard.....such a great color!


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