Sep 15, 2008

Emporio Armani Fashion Show

On the hanger, this savvy gal did not think much some pieces in the collection. But, after seeing the show, I take every last bad thought back. As my SA tells me, do not judge a piece until a gal/guy gives it a fair chance by trying it on. As always, going to shows and parties are fun for the alcohol and the gift afterward. Of course fashion shows are always fun and at the end, I covet almost everything. I safeguarded my credit card like a hawk. I did not buy anything as there were so many people about and I just couldn’t shop with such a crowd.

This show is a partnership between Emporio Armani and Elle. The gal on left is from Elle and the gentleman on right is from Armani.

I don't know how to properly use my new camera yet so all the pictures are not quite clear. I took addition pictures from the press kit (pic on right) to show a more clear picture of the collection.

I am in adoration with this pair of polish nylon pants on left. It possesses the right amount of polish and slouch to give an outfit a savvy casual elegance. I had to take a picture from press kit given to all the attendees because I was too busy admiring these pants.

This dress is so stylish and fun. I took a picture from press kit to show frontal view.

Chocolate leather jacket on left is really cute if we can actually see it.~ sigh... But, a tailor leather jacket with polish pants and silk blouses is quite savvy chic.

The jacket on left has wide vertical shadow strip prints and a close fitting silhouette, very flattering for almost any type of body shapes.

Bright berry color is showing everywhere.

At the end, a trio of models showed fierce red to end the show with much energy. I adore this splash of red for fall/winter, very savvy indeed among grey and black.


  1. How fantastic! Looks like a great show.

  2. well done on keeping the CD safe. I would have had the same problem. I just love EA. I have one ensemble from EA from way back since we don't have EA here in perth.

    Looks like it's a typical EA show. funky and chic... drool!

  3. Oh that looks good. That red bag in the end shot - I don't think I could have resisted buying that!

  4. wow!! this looks like so much fun

  5. Looks like so much fun, lucky you! Thank you for sharing the best with us.


  6. Wow, so many lovely looks! I agree with you on those pants though... they look so comfortable and yet they have a certain elegance as well! Definately need a pair of those! :)


  7. It is amazing how he can keep the collection looking like Armani and yet not at all tired. Really lovely pieces. Thanks for posting them!

  8. Those leather pants are caraaaaaaazy!!

    Loving the red, too - very savvy indeed!


  9. oooh so cute! all are beautiful pieces. i think my fav is the black short even dress, snaps for sparkles :)

  10. i can't go to fashion shows, i will want to buy everything. i will pick up the nylon pants though...

  11. i can't go to fashion shows, i will want to buy everything. i will pick up the nylon pants though...

  12. i always found this to be true with Armani, has to be on to appreciate!

  13. I like the show´s pics. Good work.

  14. ooh fun! thanks for sharing!


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