Sep 26, 2008

Emporio Armani Convertible Classic Trench

With a closet full of coats and jackets but no classic taupe trench, SG finally purchases herself a classic taupe color trench from Emporio Armani. If a gal is going to splurge on a piece this fall, a classic trench is a must. As much as SG desires a color trench, after seeing this 4 in 1 trench, a gal just can’t pass it up.SG can wear this trench 2 different ways. I like the 2nd method because of the berry color detail on the inside lining.
For a very savvy price of $495, a gal gets a coat, dress, bolero, and a grey cardigan (which is attached to the inside of the trench for more warmth). SG does not need to wait for the weather to become chilly to begin enjoying this piece of savvy outerwear. This trench is sure to become one of SG's favorite piece. What is your favorite trench coat?


  1. I love a good trench! Makes me want to dart about in shadows and pretend I'm a spy! :D


  2. I think that this is now my favorite trench coat. Actually, I don't have a trench, I guess I should huh?

  3. Gosh that trench is so versatile! I love this one and I also can't go past a classic Burberry. One day, I will own one!

  4. That's simply brilliant. What a savvy purchase!

  5. I love how you can wear that trench so many different ways! I didn't even know you could do that with a trench.

    Since I'm top-heavy, trench coats just don't look good on me, but it's definitely an awesome style if you can carry it off.

    Remember that last scene of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' where Audrey Hepburn kisses George Peppard in the rain, and wearing that lovely trench coat? Sigh!


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