Sep 3, 2008

DIY Skirt with Hermes Scarf

Over the long weekend, I tried a look that had been on my mind but yet to try because the idea maybe better in theory than functionality. In a Hermes scarf catalogue a mini skirt is created by using 2 scarves folded diagonally and tied at the hips. I thought it would look cute with a plain white tank but alas I just couldn't walk out of the door without pairing the DIY mini with white legging. Logically I know I will not be showing any of my goods but psychologically is another case entirely. Perhaps I will not be so self conscious if I am going dancing instead of a day time casual party.In the end, I opted for a longer DIY asymmetrical skirt wrap using a Hermes scarf (pic left) instead of the mini skirt. What is your savvy way of wearing a scarf?
-look left: Hermes scarf in 36 cm
-look right: Hermes and Versace scarves in 36 cm

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image: Hermes catalogue


  1. I like the orange scarf skirt. The other skirt do look a little too short for me personally.

  2. Hi savvy-well done on both these looks, I think they are both great, particularly with the white top and leggings-a great combination!

  3. Oh I like the creativity.My fave look is the orangey scarf,it looks great against the white leggings.
    I'd wear it with flip flops on a summers day ;o)

  4. Scarves are really hot this season )))

  5. hot look! love the scarves. i'm not so very creative with scarves, i just wear them round the neck... mostly i try to make it look casual...

  6. the orange one is beautiful!

  7. oh I really do like your DIY project, such a clever idea! love the patterns and colours of all three scarves.


  8. I like your version of wearing a scarf as a skirt better! :) The first is a bit too short. ;)

  9. it actually looks kind of cool.

  10. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! You seem to be very creative! I love the orange scarf!


  11. i love the third pic the best! i love scarves, but it is always a challange to wear them. this weekend i removed the matching belt on one of my dresses and slipped in a vintage scarf--much more colorful and unique, but using a scarf as a belt isn't really taking a risk. i need more options!!

  12. I love a good scarf.
    Very creative looks.


  13. Herm├ęs scarfs are the best!

    a kiss!!!

  14. The orange scarf is my current favorite. It's a new scarf with the Indian theme by Hermes for 08S/S collection.

  15. I usually go for oblongs, so I couldn't DIY this look. You do a great job, though.


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