Sep 8, 2008

Chanel Gold Highlighter Limited Edition

Savvy Sister is raving about this gold highlighter from Chanel. I have talked about this gold trend for fall and she is putting in her two cents. She recommends this highlighter for gals with a bit of colors already. After applying on basic make-up, brushing this light golden powder all over the face gives a gal a light subtle golden glow without looking like the Oscar statue. That is my concern, looking like the Oscar but she assures me that won't happen unless a gal is lily white. This artificial golden glow will cost a gal $50. So are savvy gals out there ready for gold this fall yet?

image: neiman marcus


  1. I'm ready for a golden glow -- but, not with a $50 price tag. =( That Chanel highlighter does look amazing though. I'll just stick to the highlighters I've got. I'll definitely be embracing the gold this fall season though. =)

  2. great blog
    check mine out
    like what you're doing


  3. oooh golden glow sounds fab

    but im tight on cash.
    spent it all over the weekend

    wanna trade lniks?

  4. Like you, I am far too pale to get away with this. No golden glow on me unless I want to look like a Golden Globe award.;-)

  5. I love gold and this looks great -jut too pricey for me, sadly.

  6. mmm gold and delicious
    I love gold makeup

    oh and thanks for the nice comment you left me!

  7. It looks gorgeous, but I'm not into limited edition make always turns out to be absolutely perfect for me, then they go and take it away from me!!


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