Aug 7, 2008

SG'Style: Savvy to Wearing Brown with Black?

In the past, I avoided wearing brown with black at all cost but a gal pal changed my mind. She wore a fitted chocolate brown sweater with a black pencil skirt with black pointy toe stilettos and the look is very much savvy chic. From then on, I explore the possibility with an open mind. I double check with a stylist and she confirms black and brown is not style suicide. I tend to wear black on the bottom and brown on top.The SA at Lacoste convinced me this brown/black color block dress would look great. I wore it with a pair of bright aqua color sneakers, showing off my athletic side. A gal does not need to match everything all the time. I love to use teal or aqua color accessories to pop brown and neutral outfits.

-look left: Lacoste dress
-look right: Fendi top, French Connection slim leg 3/4 pants

One of my favorite Chanel flats is the brown and black combination. If Chanel will combine brown and black then it can't be all that wrong. I am convinced! I am still trying to get over a pair of classic Chanel flats retails for $550. I miss the days when they retailed in the mid $300. Dollar, please become strong, I pray! So is brown with black combo savvy for you?

image:,, chanel, (collage by savvy mode)


  1. I think brown and black is very savvy indeed-I will certainly channel it this autumn!!

  2. Savvy indeedy! Everything is savvy with black!
    I love the Lacoste dress.

  3. I really like combination of black & brown!


  4. Brown and black can be indeed gorgeous, especially if the brown is not red... It can create a very sophisticated look xxxxxxxx

  5. i like both now, i like them even better mixed together :) btw, you're on my blogroll!!!

  6. I have always heard that the combination brown and black is a big fashion no-no, but I've never followed that rule. I love combining those two colours if they are the right shades. And as you say: if Chanel does it, how can it be a fashion faux-pas?!

    I love your brown/black combinations :)


  7. Cupcakes and CashmereAugust 07, 2008

    funny enough, i wrote a post today that showcased some tory burch flats that are brown, white and black and i love them! i'm also currently into wearing black tights and light brown shoes.

  8. I love those stripes!!

    a kiss!!

  9. I think brown & black is very chic; not faux pas at all!

  10. it's a hit of miss for me.. sometimes it can be a perfect combo.. but sometimes.. it's a bit eh..

  11. Savvy all the way!!!!


  12. I'm with issa on this one. Some combinations of black and brown can look fantastic and others can just end up looking drab.

    I think if the pieces are chic, like the lady's you mentioned, it will look great.

    I love the striped dresses you picked out especially since they're combined with white which brightens up the whole look.

    I think it's important to try things out for yourself first before passing on them because of some old fashion "rule".

  13. i agree with everyone. there are brown and brown so it's a hard call. basically i will try the pieces together first.

  14. i was very anti brown and black until recently. it really depends on the shade of brown. a rich, saturated brown bag with a black outfit would be really nice i think.

  15. i love black. but brown and black combination don't look good on me. =[


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