Aug 28, 2008

Return of MCM Handbags

For those savvy gals old enough to remember MCM, the brand after years of hibernation is trying to come back. In its old glory days, I remembered celebs and wealthy alike sported MCM logo luggage while jetting to exotic locations around the globe. Suddenly the brand just disappeared due to financial challenges. Savvy mother gave me a small Kelly-ish bag as birthday gift years ago. Back then, I remembered MCM offered either black nylon logo or leather dark tan logo prints.MCM has made a great come back and is trying to establish the brand as a luxury leader in the handbag market again, I am happy for its revival but I have not seen anything so savvy with collection to make a savvy gal run out to bring the new bag home where it belongs.

-MCM brocade shopper $545
-MCM croc emboss clutch $795

Looking at the collection, Savvy Gal finds nothing other houses have not done in past seasons. Also, there is nothing truly unique about these bags. I would like the clutch more without the gold MCM plate. It really looked like the designer did not know where to put the logo but still wanted logo on the clutch. Are we gals so logo crazed that by putting logos on a piece of clothing, a bag and a pair of shoes are enough reasons to buy something regardless of quality or style.

-Princess Lion Flat Shopper in coated canvas $495
-Small Boston Satchel $995, on sale for $597 at Bloomingdales

So all the savvy gals, will you buy MCM again or for those new potential clients, will you buy MCM?

image: Bloomingdales


  1. I would! if they have anything in drawstrings :)

    Oh and thanks for your love and support! we really appreciate it.

  2. Hi there-I saw MCM bags whilst browsing in Harrods a few months back and was not really impressed, I'm afraid!!

  3. Hi
    Thanks for your comment ^^
    Yep, I'm going to post more photos from my holidays there! so if you want to see them... ;)
    Btw, I love thath clutch, is amazing!!(L)

  4. i dont buy anything simply for the logo
    i think its sad when people do.

  5. I do remember MCM and actually they are still popular in Korea I think.
    They are nice bags but I tend to avoid bags with logos...

  6. I have never heard of MCM in my life. At first I thought it was the mickey mouse club.

  7. I do not remember too much about these bags, but I do love your favorite bag that you mention in your sidebar column -- the Chanel CC tote. I have the large shopper CC tote in chocolate brown! :-)

  8. oh sweet! i've never heard of mcm...thanks for makin this post! =) they do have some lovely bags - the silver is fab!

    and ps: lucky you, gettin a blackberry! =)

  9. I love these handbags, very classy. I have linked you on my blog :)

  10. Mm quite pricey for much the same as other designers are offering although mock croc embos is rather nice.

  11. Cupcakes and CashmereAugust 28, 2008

    interesting, how is it that i never heard of this designer? i'll have to check it out...

  12. Those ones are fantastic!

    a kiss!!!

  13. In repsonse to your comment on my blog, would love to exchange links too, I just added yours now! ;) Oh but let me know if for some reason it doesn't show up... I keep adding links, see that they're there, but when I check later, they're gone, so I have to re-add them. Don't know why!

  14. These bags are nice, but as you say, not nicer than anything else that's already out there. MCM will have to experiment and find it's feet. Time will tell if they claim any market share.

  15. They are cute, just not like "OMG I MUST GET ONE!" :P

  16. The only one I adore is the Princess Lion Flat Shopper, but that price is pure INSANITY. I guess that's the teenage budget in me, but I would like to see something a bit more special from this brand. Perhaps their comeback should just be making the old bags that everyone used to love. Personally, I always re-fall in love with things after time apart, like when you find some old shirt crammed in between two drawers, it's like finding a bit of treasure or an old friend.
    thanks for the comment too!

  17. i want to say that my mother has an MCM bag.

  18. i don't remember it, but it's something to keep an eye on for sure!

    thanks for your comment :)

  19. AnonymousJuly 04, 2010

    its a nice bag and i think you will like it if you have one in it..


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