Aug 9, 2008

Beijing Olympic: Girl with the Red Dress

Last night watching the opening ceremony, I was fascinated by the red costume worn by the women holding the signs bearing the names of each country. It's a modified version of the traditional Chinese chi-pao. Instead of a slim fitting silhouette like the pic on left, the dress looks like a cross between an European court dress (on the bottom) and a traditional Chinese chi-pao on top. A friend from Shanghai took my measurements and had a chi-pao made for me a while ago. I have not had a chance to wear it yet but I think I will soon, just can't eat too much that day! There is no room for a bulging stomach from over indulging during a meal. A gal has great posture with chi-pao because I am focusing 100% on holding the stomach in, thus really straight spin!!



  1. Lovely costumes - these are more in the Chinese Opera style

  2. PS the chinese were doing beautiful frocks way before the europeans! Just a bit of costume history input...

  3. i agree with the above statement. i have seen some interesting chinese RTW from different dynasties and they are gorgeous.

  4. loved the opening ceremony!!

    i have a chi-pao that was made for me a few years ago.. i think i can still squeeze into it.. but it is definitely constricting!


  5. I loved the opening ceremony and the costumes as well!

  6. OMG!! i love that dress too! you know what i was thinking.. that would make a great wedding dress...


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