Jul 23, 2008

A Wedge of Heaven

I have a love hate relationship with high stiletto heels. On the one hand, they are so chic and sexy, but the flip side is that I can’t walk in them for a long time. I literally get in the car and walk from the valet into the restaurant or wherever I might be going for the night. So this summer, I decided to have a summer fling with wedges and take a break from sexy heels of torture. I can now walk with comfort in 4 inch heels and the feeling is quite heavenly. I particularly enjoy wearing casual wedges with sexy short, miniskirt and wide leg denims which chunkiness of wedges balances perfectly with width of the pant legs.
top left, Tory Burch $325
top right, Prada $550 down to $440
bottom Michael Kor $230 down to $138

top left, Bottega Veneta $960 down to $768
top right, Christian Louboutin $780 down to $624
bottom right, Michael Kor $240 down to $144
bottom right, Tory Burch Flinnia $325
top left, Christian Louboutin $645
top right, Giuseppe Zanotti $550 down to $440
bottom, Michael Kor $230

Armed with these wedges, savvy gal who is height challenged feels almost like a model on the runway. Do you prefer wedges or sexy stilettos this summer?

image: bluefly, neiman marcus (collage by SavvyMode)


  1. Thanks for the comment. I completely agree with you! I love stilettos but s/t they hate me. Haha. I should get some wedges before the summer ends!

  2. I love wedges, and if not wedges then a chunky heel, I don't know stilettos just do not do it for me...

  3. Yay great post-I'm totally with you on the wedges too!

  4. i agree wedges are a great alternative too bad they're mostly worn in the summer

    also, do u like any colors in particular ill try to find u a cool pair of nikes :]

  5. haha it's funny you say that b/c i have a love hate relatinoship with wedges - they are super comfy - but they make my legs look shorter

  6. I am going to stick with wedges this summer. I just know my love affair with stiletto is not done yet.

  7. I wear high wedges most of the time.


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