Jul 15, 2008

Three Bags for the Price of One: Chanel with Pearl Strands and Gold Chains

I fell in adoration with this large clutch/tote on sight at the Fall/Winter 08 Chanel trunk show a few weeks ago. I can't help but drool and have fanciful thoughts over this little darling. Let's forget for one moment this bag has lovely chains in various styles: pearl strands, gold chains and leather entwine gold chains. How chic is that, just shouting Chanel! This is a truly versatile bag; gal can use this handbag as a fold over clutch with chain details or just hold the bag at the pearl inset handles or on the shoulder with the chains. I wanted to take "Pearl" home with me right away but alas it won't be available for a short time. This is going to become another Chanel must have bag but the retail price is anything but savvy at $5495. This darling maybe 3 bags for the price of one but the cost is like buying 3 bags. However, I still can't help it, I adore it!
Chanel bag with pearl details is also available in the classic flap bag. Which one do you prefer?? I can't decide, I love them both.


  1. I cant help you here - both bags are AMAZING! I would suggest putting a picture of both up on your wall for a month and if you get sick of one than buy the other.... crazy but from experience it works. Esp when you are parting with so much cash, you need to make the right choice. xf

  2. Ooooooh they are both classic investment pieces. But I think I prefer the second one!

  3. they both cost a great deal of money so i want to buy wisely.

  4. Dear, I love both! However, I may prefer the clutch/tote more, simply because it is rare design! I'm very weak seeing Chanel... so I should close my eyes now...

    P.S. Of course we can exchange links! I've added you in xxxxxxx

  5. I love all Chanel bags. Making me choose is cruel!

  6. AnonymousJuly 15, 2008

    Oh I love Chanel.


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