Jul 14, 2008

Perfect Red

Recently I have been hunting for a pair of bright red shoes for the summer to add a touch of savvy chic to my everyday wear, basic white t-shirts and jeans. I think red will be great for fall/winter as well, adding a touch of warmth and color to greys and blacks. So while searching around aimlessly I found this pair, Christian Louboutin Ibiza espadrilles, on sale for $256 from $320 at Bluefly. What are your shoes finds this summer??


  1. These are soooo lovely!
    I pretty much live in flip flops in the summer, but if I have to dress up, I have some Stella McCartney velcro strap gold stiletto sandals that do the trick!

  2. Oooh, those are awesome. But SO tall!

  3. I figure it is the only way I am going to achieve model height in this life time. : )

  4. cute shoes!! thanks for stopping by our blog!! stay fabulous!



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