Jul 21, 2008

Pearls are trendy: Wearing Pearls in Trendy Ways!

Growing up, pearls have epitomized conservatism and maturity to me. Pearl starnds are something my mom and grandma would wear usually in gum ball sizes. When in Japan few years ago I observed young Japanese gals wearing pearls in such creative ways I began to look at pearls in a different light. Then recently with the premiere of Sex and the City, Carrie really brought home that pearls could be very trendy and stylish. She wore an opera length Mikimoto strand with such style with her pajama reading in bed with Mr. Big. Savvy mother lets me have her opera length pearls to wear with color and printed t-shirts/tops this summer. The look is edgy and stylish all rolled into one. Perhaps pearls are very stylish accessories for the wardrobe after all. AND, they are not so old and can be quite savvy and cool at the same time.

Mikimoto pearls provide some of the best culture pearls in the world. Only top 5% of the perals cultivated by Mikimoto passes quality inspection to be consider good enough to carry the Mikimoto name. Carrie in Sex and the City wore a long strand like the models in the above pictures. Seeing how pearls are being worn by the models, pearl strands can be quite sexy and chic. Wearing multiple strands of various sizes and length with a backless dress is definitely sexy and will sure to have many take a second look as a gal waltz by with her pearl adorn bare back. (all strands by Mikimoto)

Mikimote's Pearls in Motion collection is perhaps my favorite (pic left) because it is younger and fun. A gal can move the pearls along the chain, which is a patented technology, to create her own unique style. Emporio Armini added ribbons to pearl strands adding much style and savviness to the look.

Picture on left is like Tiffany's Pearl by the Yard. I would accessorize an outfit with multiple necklaces and pendants to create dimension and depth. Pearls in various styles are a savvy way of adding some luxury and unique style for t-shirt to a little black dress.

In case any gal is interested in the Mikimoto opera length pearl strand Carrie is wearing, you can take it home for a mere $11,000. How will you dress with pearls, conservative or punk rock chick?

image: Mikimoto, Nordstrom, Vogue


  1. Hi there! I love pearls and I'm still looking for that perfect set!!

  2. I am glad that pearls are back again. Love them )))

    Hugs from Angel

  3. Fantastic!! My fave is the pearls in the back look!
    Am also reminded of the cutesy way that Blair and the gals wear pearls on Gossip Girl!

  4. i do love pearls!
    essencial for every woman :)

    a kiss!!

  5. I too love the pearls down the back of that dress...funky twist to a classic!

  6. I am beginning to really appreciate pearls. I think I have really just type casted pearls but I am thinking I can be more creative thus pearls will be savvy and modern.

  7. I love pearls - elegant and versatile! Yes, the modern look has more fun - the new classics xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. I love pearls. Pair them with a long necklace, and voila! instant Genius! <3

    Thanks for your comment :)

  9. AnonymousJuly 21, 2008

    Ooohhh, pearls are so elegant. I like Pearls in Motion. I tried it on at the store and just fell in love.

  10. How about rings? I just did a ring with a black pearl in it.

  11. i think i will chose punk or rock chick look!! =)


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