Jul 19, 2008

The Mole Issue: Sarah Jessica Parker

So Sarah Jessica Parker decided to have her mole removed and what had been a personal choice had became a national issue. Articles are quoting her words about growing old naturally and will not consider plastic surgery. So are we to hold her to these words or is it simply a woman's choice to change her mind. She had lived with the mole for 42 years so it must be bothering her in some ways for her to finally surgically remove it now. Even if she has a full facial reconstructive surgery if it makes her happy then why not. Coming across surveys about loving or loathing the mole,(aren't those words too strong about a mole on a person's chin?) I feel I am living in a Seinfeld episode of about nothing, about a mole.

image: people.com


  1. This is ridiculous! I was completely her choice and honestly a raised mole on the face was probably a huge nuisance! Plus, many moles like that need to be removed, they are consider pre-cancerous, since they are more likely to respond to skin damage than regular skin! People are silly.

  2. AnonymousJuly 19, 2008

    Oh my gosh, it should be her choice.

  3. i agree her choice..tho i did like the mole hehe

  4. ... It is her chin. I'm personally glad to see it gone. It was so unsightly. Good for her. I should add: I had a mole removed in my early twenties... no one told me that my 5 minute procedure was considered "plastic surgery"...


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