Jul 17, 2008

Let There be Tan: Getting Sun Kissed Bronze Glow without the Sun

Four weeks has passed since summer solstice, June 21. Looking in the mirror wishful for a tan complexion and body, I had to stop myself from sunning by the pool because plastic surgeon pal had done his job of explaining the positive relation between too much sun exposure and potential future skin cancer. What is a gal to do then??If there is a will, there is a way. I am using Neutrogena Built-A-Tan to give myself the faux tan, which the color deepens gradually. I just need to apply more applications to deepen the tan. My tan looks natural, not the orange color I fear.To achieve bronze glow, I am utilizing Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder. The result is a soft tan glow but there darker colorings are available. I am a big fan of Guerlain powder and this bronzing powder has not failed me, given me sun-kissed bronze glow without the sun. This compact powder contains 5 shades, tan colors to add bronze, and peach and bronze shimmer to add soft glow. (retails for $48) I look like I have spent hours in the sun, like one of those beach bunnies! To finish up my look, I would dust Chanel Rose Blush to add a subtle hint of color to my cheeks. What is your savvy method to tan, bronze and glow for the summer??

Image: Neutrogena, Guerlain


  1. haha i'm given up on using these products to give myself a glow or whatever~ they never seem to work! But at times, i would use Shiseido's self tanner on my legs whenever I think that they took too pasty and I swear by Chanel's bronzer for my cheeks in place of the usual blush!

  2. We've had hardly any sun in the UK so far, I haven't got the slightest hint of a real tan! St Tropez Everyday works for me, it's a nice gradual even colour.

  3. I have heard great things about Chanel bronzer. I swear by Chanel nail polish and cheek color.


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