Jul 30, 2008

Jewels in the Dark: Skull, Gargoyle & Serpent

Diamonds and precious jewels are any gal’s closest friends, at least for me. Normally I will pick classic timeless jewel pieces on the brighter side, but I recently discover my dark Gothic side. I am fascinated by these mysterious dark jewels with skull, serpent and gargoyle motifs. I imagine I will be pairing them with a black fitted leather jacket and torn denim, letting out my inner punk rock chick out to play. Now if I can just learn to ride a motorcycle, the picture will be complete. My favorite is #4 by Roberto Coin. Is this savvy or too much on the dark side?

1. Dior Jewelry
2. Stenzhorn
3. De Grisogono
4. Roberto Coin
5. Dior Jewelry
6. Stenzhorn
7. De Beers

image: see above (collage by SavvyMode)


  1. Hi Savvy-love them all, I like the Dior one best, great post too!!

  2. wow; it's really scary! I don't like jewelry so much, but Dior's one is cool though

  3. AnonymousJuly 30, 2008

    Kind of dark. No. 1 Dior is not quite so morbid.

  4. I like them, but then again, I wear lots of black leather, and I ride motorcycles. Maybe you shouldn't listen to me!

  5. I like these. I'm into gothic looks at the moment (inspiration wise, obvious my clothes have been super bright!), but my family really rejects these looks. I got a hoodie with skulls and hearts once and my mother thought that was "dark" (it was super kawaii) so this would probably horrify her! Oh well, she never has to know...

  6. They are sort of on the daker side but sometimes I want something a little different and unusual. Agree with the clothes horse, I am in my Gothic mode now, in the middle of summer.

  7. Gargoyles are so cool! ♥

    Thanks for your comment ^_^ I adore anything Chanel too.

  8. Here in Paris I did a mix of shopping and museums, it's not possible going shopping only!!

  9. I think that's a really cool idea, it would definitely add an edge to any outfit.

    As for our hair troubles... maybe we should both switch to wigs!!


  10. AnonymousJuly 30, 2008

    yeah right!? what do guys know? =)

  11. Dear, this style rocks! No matter how girly we can dress up, we can always have little dark side, right? I love this styling, particularly for winter xxxxxxxxxxx

  12. agree with times of glory, we all have a darker side and that side should come out and play sometimes. : ) have a wonderful day everyone!

  13. hello, i have look this skull:

    incredible skull ring!

    Tanya from Mestre Venice Italy


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