Jul 12, 2008

How Much Would You Pay for a Chanel Bike?

Calling all savvy gals, how much is this bike worth to you if it is being auction today and how much do you think is the actual retail price?
I believe there are 3 classic quilted bags attached to the bike. I will reveal the answer after I come back from my vacation. ~ smile

So I posed this question before going away on vacation and this is the answer. So was it what you were expecting???
Chanel Bike is around $15,000.

image: Chanel


  1. Can I just give up my firstborn child for the bike?

  2. I am sure the price is quite high, but I think it's worthed if you can afford it. Have a fun!

  3. AnonymousJuly 03, 2008

    Oh I so want this bike!

  4. Dear, dear, dear, I think this limited edition bike costed about GBP6,200 here in London. Well, it is very very very luxurious and gorgeous xxxx

  5. Yeah, 15K sounds about right. But if I had that kind of money laying around, I would rather take a bike tour of Europe than buy a Chanel bicycle :)

  6. AnonymousJuly 13, 2008

    the bike is quite expensive.. but i had a thought. If you spend 2-3 or even 4.000 $, on a bag, then you can definitely spend up 15.000 $ just on buying new bags. So what you need to ask yourself is, what would you use more, the bag or the bike, and whats more expensive on the long run?

    Jessie My Fashion Blog


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