Jul 7, 2008

Chanel Classic Beige/Black Heels

At the Chanel Fall Trunk Show, besides all the gorgeous RTW, I fell in adoration with this pair of beige/black Chanel MaryJane heels. A gal just can't go wrong with Chanel's classic beige and black color combination. This pair of heels will pair perfectly with almost any color outfits. I have purchased two pairs of Chanel MaryJane from years ago and still think they are just so savvy chic when I have a chance to wear them. I particularly like the chunky heels which will be so much easier to wear than the pencil thin heels that I love to buy but leave in the shoe closet because I can't walk. This is a must buy for any gal wanting a pair of Chanel classic heels that will last for years.

image: Style.com


  1. Those shoes are so chic and I would go crazy if I had a pair of those in my closet. You can't go wrong with that pair!

    BTW, would you like to do a link exchange with me?

  2. Those are stunning, especially in combination with the stockings.

  3. Those tights are what catch my eye - love them!!
    Chanel also had some crazy b&w over the knee boots that I was quite taken with . . .

  4. The 2-tone tights and shoes are amazing together! They are simply fab! I cannot look at them anymore... even now I cannot get them out of my head now, sweetie xxxxxx


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