Jul 18, 2008

6 More Ways on How to Tie/Wear a Hermes Scarf

Because a savvy reader has written to me requesting additional ways to use a scarf, Savvy Gal will continue from a previous post on how to create different looks with a scarf. It has been fun for me to try these looks this summer and hope all you savvy gals out there will find the same enjoyment.

The first look on left is quite easy to create, just fold the scarf in half and tie "securely" in the back. I usually put a safety pin on in the back as a savvy gal pal lost her top while dancing away few years ago. It was an awkward moment in time for all! The second look is good for photo shoot only, in my savvy opinion. To try the look, tie 2 scarves at the end and drape over one shoulder. Finish the look by wrapping the 2 scarves securely around the front and the back with a belt.

This is one of my favorite ways to wear a scarf. It takes couple tries to arrange all the folds correctly to achieve the fitted look but it is possible. This halter top is quite fetching underneath a jacket or a fitted cardigan.

These two looks are SO stylish when Savvy Gal is being driven around with the top down. I generally secure the scarf with a couple of bobby pins behind my ears ever since I lost a scarf to the wind.

Using 2 scarves to create an exotic printed skirt. It will sure to become an eye catcher and one-of-the-kind unique piece anywhere a gal goes to for the day or night.

I came across this new look in a Hermes catalogue and adored it so much I went the boutique so an SA could show me how to achieve this look. It's a little drafty but there is a peek-a-boo effect which is quite savvy and fun for a night out on the town. I wore this look on a night out in Las Vegas and it was fun, not to mention fitting the whole sin city style. What is your favorite mode to wear a scarf so far?

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source: Hermes


  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2008

    Let's hope a fashion mishap does not occurs if the Hermes Scarf were to untie somehow.

  2. AnonymousJuly 18, 2008

    Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I sometimes use a safety pin to further secure the knot and tie the knot very securely and have not experienced any mishaps yet. : )

  4. great ways to wear it, but I think I prefer the normal variant or around the head:)
    great post though

  5. What a great post-I knew Hermes did this, but its lovely when someone does a step by step guide as well-would you like to trade links?

  6. I love those herm├ęs scarfs and so many great ways to be classy!!!

    a kiss!!!

  7. I want a hermes scarf like this.Really!

  8. Thanks for the how-to!! I was hoping you'd post this :)
    I love the bandeau look - so chic for summer!

  9. AnonymousJuly 18, 2008

    Where did you get these diagrams?

  10. AnonymousJuly 20, 2008

    o.m.g dat d hermes scarf are so flexible! thinking about dat scarf, we can use it in much various ways.. i love to make it as a head band and pareo when lying in a beach dis summer..make it as a sash.. and when winter comes, my ideas are to use it as a neck scarf, body wrapper and belt-more heat indeed^_^


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