Jun 17, 2008

How to: Organize My Messy Closet

After I ruined a Gucci tote and 2 Chanel bags from lack of care, I decided to reorganize my wardrobe and handbags so I won't have repeat purchases (tags still attached and I forgot about them) and more ruined bags because they lived in a black hole, aka savvy gal's closet.

So I am fortunate to have a spare room to modify into a quasi-walk-in-closet. I am looking at various shelving units and am trying to decided between a floor or a wall unit for my bags and small savvy things . They are all fairly inexpensive at IKEA and Container Store. AND, I can totally DIY with some help from boyfriend.

I have already purchased garment racks from Container Store, which work wonders. I try to have my wardrobe in plain sight to prevent myself from double buying and remind myself daily I literally have a room full of clothes. These racks can fold down for storage and it's such a easy way to have additional hanging space without getting a new closet. I came across a hanger holder at Container store which helped me with all my unruly hangers. Now, hangers are all nicely stacked.

In addition, I like these colorful storage boxes for miscellaneous things. Though, clear boxes will allow me to easily find my goodies. (more practical) I sure have lots of work to do in the next few weeks but an organized closet is just priceless.


  1. My room is such a mess lately, but I can't find the passion to organize a room I know I'm leaving in a couple of months... Great ideas though.
    I'm linking you btw. ^_^

  2. How exciting! Make sure you post photos when it's all finished!

  3. If I can get it perfectly done then I will share! I am excited about this project but am scared that more space may lead to increase spending since I have more room for storage. : )


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