Jun 9, 2008

How to Buy a Diamond on My Budget

So I can’t afford to fork over a big pile of money to buy my dream diamond but I can still buy myself a diamond bauble. Studies show more gals today are buying themselves diamond rings and jewelries instead of waiting around for Prince Charming (aka husbands and boyfriends) to come through. Anyway, when I shopped around for my diamond bauble I had to reconcile my want for a beautiful D color flawless diamond and my budget. Also, I want to buy an everyday diamond instead of an investment diamond. I enlisted the help of good friend who happened to be a gemologist to go on my diamond quest with me, very convenient! It was an experience picking and searching! I purchased a diamond similar to the one above and this is what I have found out about how to buy a diamond when on a budget: 1. Stick to your budget 2. 4 C’s of diamond (color, carat, clarity, and cut), these are basics that every savvy gal knows from birth already 3. Try to avoid fluorescent with D, E, F grade diamonds but diamonds with slight coloration such as H, I or J, it is alright to buy a diamond with slight fluorescent as the diamond will appear whiter under natural light. 4. Pick color over clarity. I bought a G color VS1 diamond because it’s less expansive for everyday wear. G is almost colorless and VS1 contain very slight inclusive which can’t be seen with naked eyes. Gal pal advised her friends for their engagement, pick F color and VS1 clarity instead of paying premium for VVS1 or VVS2 if budget is an issue. Instead, allocate the saving into a bigger diamond. After all, I think size does matter and very slight inclusions can’t be seen with naked eyes! What do you think? Of course if you are going to invest in a diamond then by all means, pick the best available diamond with the available budget. 5. Make sure girdle width is even all around (avoid thick and very thick or thin to thick or very thick) and no culet allowing even dispersal of light. What has been your experience buying diamonds? I wish happy hunting for those gals looking to buy a sparkly bauble for themselves! I think I will go get ready now to go and pig out at the barbecue today.

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