May 24, 2008

Sparkly Sequin Shoes: Am I going to look like a Vegas dancer??

Normally I am all for understated elegance. However, my 5 year old savvy niece just adores sequin shoes and as result, I am taking a second look at this mode of fashion for myself. If I do not know any better, I think sequins are savvy this season for us big girls as well. Some of the most premiere designers show sequins in their collections this season. I purchased a pair of Tod’s black flats with some sequin details around the toe area a while ago and simply love it. These little sparkly details allow me to glam up or just casually elegant day or night. I especially like to wear them with jeans.

Juicy Couture $59.90 on sale at Nordstrom
Chanel Boots from S/S 08 Collection (pic right)

Louis Vuitton Heels (about $3500)
I don't know if these heels are worth the price even if they are Louis Vuitton but they sure are attention grabbers. I think these shoes have the Las Vegas dancer look potential.
Juicy Couture $225 at Eluxury (pic right)

Christian Louboutin $880 at Neiman Marcus
Prada $399 on sale at Bluefly (pic right)

Juicy Couture on sale for $177.90 at Saks Fifth Avenue

I am thinking of picking up the first pair of Juicy Couture silver sequin flats from Nordstrom for $59.90 or the last pair from Bluefly. They are inexpensive and I think will be great for the summer to outfit with jeans and a fancy t-shirt for a savvy casual look. Hopefully they are going to be very comfortable when I try them on. So are sequin shoes savvy or not for the season??

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