Apr 30, 2008

How to Tie/Wear a Hermes Scarf

My friends often ask me to help them with scarves. And, after "investing" in a few scarves at Hermes, I acquired tips from my SA and also from playing around with my own scarves at home when the urge is upon me to have some fun.

See the gal on right (image source: Hermes) This is one of the easiest way for me to dress up a look. It takes about 30 seconds to add some sophistication to an outfit.

Fold two corners into each other until they meet in the center.
Keep on repeating until width on each side is about 2 to 3 inches depending on preference. Then fold two halves together.

Tie into simple knot. The look is chic with a sweater, T-shirt, white shirt or jacket. This look can be very casual or formal. Stay tune, I will feature other looks throughout the summer!

This is one of my favorite modes of wearing a Hermes scarf. I totally love this look and it's quite secure, unlike some other methods I have tried in the past. First to achieve this look, I used a round Hermes scarf ring, the one on bottom pic. But, if not available then just use any sort of ring or even a colorful elastic band is alright.

Fold the 36 inch scarf into half, forming a perfect triangle.

Slip the scarf through the ring and pull out enough to comfortably tie around the neck making sure it is quite secure. Arrange the folds nicely so the two make-shift halter ties will settle prettier when tied around the neck. Just tie the 2 left over ends on the back. I did not use the white scarf ring shown in the picture. It will allow the scarf to lay flat againtst the skin but I don't want to buy another scarf ring just to achieve this look.

The bottom as a skirt is short by itself but for those gals who adore micro-mini skirts then it's perfectly savvy. I prefer to wear this make-shift skirt with a pair of tights during the day and without, during nights out with gal pals. Just fold two 36 inch scarves in halves into 2 perfect triangles and tie a knot on each side of the hips. Happy trying!

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  1. This is a great article! Thanks so much!

  2. If you buy a Hermes scarf they give the knot tying instructions in a seperate box telling you how to do that seasons knots! Not difficult.

  3. I was quite annoyed the last couple of times, I didn't get one b/c the boutique ran out. However you can go online at Hermes to look at different methods.


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