Apr 11, 2008

A New Look for Hermes Herbag

I love scarves, I think they are just the right accessory to add much character and interest to an outfit. Also, I think having a brighlty colored silk scarf on just makes me feel so much more glamorous, adding just a touch of savvy chic.

The gal on right is using an Hermes Scarf as the strap for her Kelly.

I was at the Hermes boutique the other day to admiring their latest scarf collection for Spring/Summer 08. Yes, I have a really cute one now to add to my collection, thanks to savvy guy (boyfriend). But, this is not the point. I got a booklet and saw a very interest look for a vintage Kelly bag. Instead of its usual leather strap, a scarf is tied to the bag instead, acting like a strap, which adds much personality to the Kelly bag, not that a Kelly needs any help. So I have this Herbag which I have not used much but when I saw the picture on the booklet, I thought maybe I could do something interesting with this handbag.

fold scarf into a long strip about 2 inches wide. Loop through and tie under the hardware.

Herbag is quite interesting because two canvas bags can be interchanged to create two different looks. I got the cream and black interchangeable canvas bags with black leather strap and flap. Though, in retrospect, I should have been more adventurous like savvy sister; she bought a more interesting combination.
This look can be achieved with any handbag. I can’t wait to try this out on my other bags. A 36” x 36” Hermes scarf retails about $355 but creating something unique and chic for oneself is priceless. Oui?

This look is with the leather handle on

I shorten the scarf even more and removed the handle

Which look do you like more?


  1. hmm... though herbag is still available in my country, it still cost like hell, remembering its already being discontinued.

    and as I was looking through for second hand bags for herbag, they dont come with the long strap. is that so?

  2. Herbag actually comes with a strap and long enough for the bag to be worn cross body. I just took it off to replace with a hermes scarf.


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