Apr 7, 2008

Create Flawless Skin from a Bottle

I have always joked with my savvy guy (boyfriend) about putting on war-paint (make-up) before we go out but today the term war-paint took on a new meaning for me. I commented on a friend’s flawless make-up finish the other day and she told me a make-up artist showed her the trick with Dior Airflash spray foundation. Unlike traditional foundation, this product is sprayed on like airbrush painting. As an amateur artist I have had the experience of airbrushing and the finished artworks are “flawless”. I let the make-up artist at Saks apply the product on me and I am amazed at the transformation. The feeling of the spray hitting my face is cool and airy, like the feel of tiny rain mists descending on my face. According to Dior makeup artist, it’s best to spray on foundation brush first and brush onto face but can be spray on the face directly and brush out as well. I can layer the spray depending on occasion. I figure lighter (less layering) for day and more applications for a night out. Dior Airflash retails for $60, not bad for flawless skin.

Update: I have used Dior Airflash foundation for a couple of months now and just marvel at the finish look everytime.

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