Apr 16, 2008

Chrome Hearts Dagger and Queen Baby Earrings: Am I seeing twins

For many years now Chrome Hearts has been one of the favorite luxury silver jewelry darlings of fashion forward men and women, both celebrities and us normal everyday guys and gals. Many a celebrities are spotted sporting Chrome Hearts around the world. Savvy brother is among the Chrome Hearts devotees. Chrome Hearts is founded by Richard Stark, which specializes in high-end silver jewelry, leather clothing and furniture with Gothic motifs. It is known for its luxury items which feature fleur-de-lys, dagger and floral cross designs. A silver ring typically can cost more than $1000. Savvy brother was intrigued when Baccarat, a luxury French crystal company, joint venture with Chrome Hearts in producing bar wares and vases with fleur-de-lys, dagger and floral cross designs.

Chrome Hearts Ring and Cross

I am always on a lookout for interest earrings. I have an earring obsession now. I came across Queen Baby collection by King Baby Studio (a company that launched in 2000 by jewelry designer Mitchell Binder) at Neiman Marcus with a pair of silver earrings with a close resemblance to Chrome Hearts. They retail for $145. I think I might just go check them out at Neiman Marcus.

image source: Neiman Marcus


  1. These look really interesting, I have a bit of an earring obsession too!

  2. I just woke up one day and really love earrings for some reason....

  3. Great post, they remind me of the province of quebec here because that is the symbol on their flag.

  4. fleur-de-lis designs has appeared on many coat of arm in Europe and is assoicated with the French monarchy historically...

  5. your right... we love them haha and they're very interesting!x

  6. The Fleur de Lys is the official symbol of both the New Orleans Saints and the city of New Orleans. The earrings are beautiful if you want to add more pieces you might want to check out Adler’s Jewelry features many Fleur de Lys items and has recently introduced a Fleur de Lys ‘Believe Bracelet.’


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