Apr 13, 2008

Chanel Jelly Thong Sandals

I am going to take back everything I said about this pair of jelly Chanel thong sandals I encountered at the Chanel trunk show few months ago. I took advantage of Neiman Marcus promotion and while in the store, I ran into the jelly thongs again. It’s as if they are calling to me. So out of curiosity, I tried the green ones on and didn’t care too much for it. Then when I put the orange ones on at the urging of my SA, I was mesmerized by the darling thongs. It’s really cute with the darling camellia flower. I just love the little gold sparkles within the jelly material. They just mold to my feet and quite light weight. I am going to justify the price by thinking these things are harder to produce than other jelly shoes. It’s high tech plastic, right! This particular style retails for $295 and comes in 4 colors: fuchsia, turquoise, green and orange. I like orange and fuchsia the best.

Update 6/12/2008: My SA at both Chanel and Neiman Marcus told me all the jelly sandals sold out! Maybe because I live in California.... jelly shoes? But, they are really cute on though...

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  1. i have them in pink and my mom has them in black and white...we love them!

  2. i tried them on, i really like them but i feel really guilty buying plastic flip flops. i hope you are really enjoying them. i like the black and white ones from spring 2009 as well.

  3. I have the pink ones! l o v e them....pretty comfortable, and really will never wear out, also wipe clean! these are forever spring/summer sandals, Chanel never goes out of style, and what can look more feminine than the pretty flower! So girly and fun.

  4. AnonymousJune 15, 2009

    where can you buy them? I have been looking for them everywhere.....

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    These were from a few seasons ago so as far as I know they were sold out almost everywhere. you can try ebay or chanel boutique or places like bloomingdales, saks, neiman marcus for other chanel jelly shoes in different colors.

  6. They sell almost completely identical replicas at forever 21 if you're feeling stupid about spending a fortune on plastic sandals


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