Apr 23, 2008

La Mer Eye Balm and Eye Concentrate

After investing for a year with La Mer, I occasionally get some free stuff as benefit for being a good client. I recently received a travel size sample of the new Eye Concentrate, a RedBook MVP of 2007. Comparing to the Eye Balm, I find the Eye Concentrate moisturizes the skin around the eye area more so. It smells really fresh, almost a cucumber like fragrance.

Retail $160 (@ .5 oz)

Retail $130 (@.5 oz)

I went on La Mer website hoping to get some information about the benefits of these two products. Maybe it is just me but I can't tell the difference. Since I want know what are some of the differences between the Eye Balm and the new Eye Concentrate, I decided to have a one on one session with my La Mer SA to find out exactly what are the differences between the two products. Basically, eye balm is great for puffiness and dark circles. When using eye balm only, one must also use creme to hydrate the eye area. Eye Concentrate on the other hand will do the above and will hydrate, lift and firm the eye area, since it is a newer technology. I really like the new product and do feel the difference around my eyes, definitely softer and hydrated. Has anyone tried it yet?


  1. I have been wondering about the LaMer eye cream for a while. I've used Clinique All About Eyes, and it has worked well.. as far as I can tell. I've always wondered if the LaMer is worth the investment..

  2. I really like the Eye Concentrate. And the jar will last quite a while. I only put a little dab on. We don't want to over apply anyway.

  3. AnonymousJune 10, 2010

    if the newer la mer eye balm does more and is newer technology... than why does it cost less?

  4. the newer eye balm is $160 vs the $130 of original eye balm.

  5. I'm glad you had this info, I was debating between the balm and the concentrate. I think I'll try the concentrate becuase of the additional mositurizing/


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