Mar 6, 2008

Achieve Golden Glowing Skin out of a Shu Uemura Bottle

It's wonderful having plastic surgeons for friends but there are times when I feel their stories are just TMI. After a PS pal regaled me with stories of skin gone bad due to over exposure to the sun, I stopped sunbathing. But, a gal still want to achieve a golden glow. Savvy sister recommended Shu Uemura Base Control. I figured if I can't get it naturally, a gal can at least achieve the look out of a bottle.

Gold is most popular because it is compatible with most skin tones. Bronze is better for gals with darker skin. It goes on easily and can be used by itself or with foundation. I usually use it with a dab of foundation. But, on lazy days, it's great with just lotion. I really adore this base because I am able to achieve a sun kiss glow without the sun. It is different from bronzer powder. This particular liquid base makes the glow healthier looking and more natural. Available at Neiman Marcus and Shu Uemura store for $22.50.

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