Mar 26, 2008

Designer Jelly Shoes: Stylish or Not??

Ferragamo $195

Juicy $60

I went to Chanel Cruise Collection Trunk Show a little while ago and was knocked for six to see jelly thong sandals on display. I love shoes, but designer jelly shoes?! I guess they are corky in a strange way but at $295 a pair, maybe not!

Description of Chanel Jelly Thongs Sandals (I forgot to take a picture)
*Contain sparkle dusts in the plastic jelly material
*Attached to the thong sandals is a plastic jelly camellia flower containing sparkle dusts with a small CC gold logo on one of the petals

Upon further investigation, I guess jelly shoes are returning in a big way. I found some at Neiman Marcus. There is a pair by Juicy Couture for $60 and a pair by Salvatore Ferragamo for $195. At least they are cheaper!

image: Neiman Marcus

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  1. AnonymousJuly 16, 2010

    "Jelly shoe" and "designer" were not meant to be paired.


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